Iskueteu is an Aboriginal limited partnership specializing in construction and operations support for industrial projects based primarily in Labrador.

This partnership consists of GJ Cahill, Switch Electric Limited (an LIA registered company) and Innu member partners. Iskueteu is a proud participant in the Voisey's Bay Nickel Development Project and will expand its business scope to include participation in other industrial projects in Labrador. Iskueteu's goal is to earn recognition as a leader in construction and operations support in Labrador, and also as a leader in developing a trained and experienced Aboriginal workforce.

Iskueteu is committed to forming lasting and rewarding business partnerships through leveraging the abundant talents and experience of Iskueteu's partners. More importantly, Iskueteu is committed to the development of Aboriginal people - namely the Inuit and Innu people of Labrador. This means training Aboriginal people in skilled trades so that they can contribute to the full life cycle of industrial projects in a way that is rewarding for them and for our business partners.